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Contributing to the reduction of tension and cost related to conflict in the workplace

The ‘prevention conflicts‘ blog is for leaders, managers, HR professionals and all others who want to help prevent or resolve unnecessary conflicts in the workplace. It is aimed at being a hub for sharing information, tips and tricks as well as best practices to understand conflict, understand ourselves in conflict and build or rebuild positive working relationships at work.
This information is a result of research as well as my experiences. It is supported by a strong knowledge of how teams and organizations work. Our cumulative knowledge will help each other evolve.
Feel free to share and ask questions.

Retirement Please be advised that I am retiring and will discontinue my newsletter. You have a few months to refer to the site. thanks for the support of my 400+ followers and Happy Life to all of you, in peace. Jean-Paul

Clarifying Perception of Self to Help Prevent Conflict

Clarifying Perceptions of the Self (Pre-Conflict Resolution Self-awareness) In his book ‘The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution’ Dudley Weeks dedicates a whole section on Clarifying Perceptions. From experience, one of the key characteristics of our preparation is to take the time to look at ourselves, find out what we really think, believe, feel and […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year We have lived through another 12 months that brought us differences, disputes but also resolution of conflicts. This year also brought new friendships, love, and peace. I thought I would search the Net for interesting quotes that will help us start the new year on the right foot towards peace of mind […]

The Key to a Constructive Mindset in Conflict Resolution

The Key to a Constructive Mindset in Conflict Resolution The mindset with which we address any type of difficult situation, conversation, negotiation or dispute has a great influence on how we approach them. The mindset is the attitude we adopt towards a given subject. It can be productive, defeatist or defensive. It is easy to […]